How to Download, Install and Use the Hive Keychain Browser Extension

26 octubre, 2022

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Remember, it is your responsibility to safely store your keys offline, especially your Owner key and Master Password. But I have to say that the keychain crashes like a pork chop, and it will not allow me to submit my username and key. Thank you for providing this valuable «how to» @themarkymark. I know much of this «move» was done in a heated rush, so I am being patient. Being able to power up, vote for Witnesses and such, are vital to moving forward. So very timely, waking up this morning to find this post.

You should have a basic understanding of your HIVE account and the various keys that unlock and control it. Now you can battle in Splinterlands every day with all the security and ownership of a blockchain while logging into Keychain easily with a simple and safe password. For people who are looking at this in the future, the above process is no longer necessary. Hive keychain has been added to the google and firefox extension libraries.

Hive Keychain Extension

If you used LEOFINANCE to sign up, LEOFinance may be able to help you to eventually recover those lost keys. On the LeoFinance Page, shown above, click on ‘Get Started’ to create your free account. The most valuable features are available after creating an account. Extpose is a service for Chrome extension publishers.

  • USDX Wallet is a blockchain-based cryptowallet made for instant money transfers.
  • You can download the archived versions or inspect their source codes.
  • On the LeoFinance Page, shown above, click on ‘Get Started’ to create your free account.
  • Instead, it is asking you to setup a password to lock/unlock the Keychain extension itself.
  • There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.

Scan the QR code with a camera for authentication and your wallet is connected. This basic action opens up limitless opportunities on the Waves blockchain and potentially on any other chain supporting Keeper accounts. Seed phrases and private keys are encrypted by the AES algorithm and stored on… As I mentioned at the very beginning of this post, there are a ton of great features that make Hive Keychain an essential part of the Hive experience. From the account page of the Keychain extension, you can do wallet operations — sending transactions on the Hive blockchain. Just click the little down arrow to open the various prompts and you’re on your way.

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It also lets you handle Hive operations while keeping your keys safe. You can broadcast your transfers, delegations and power up/down, as well as Hive Engine operations. If you’d like to add your other keys, just go to the menu and then click manage accounts.

HIVE Keychain Extension (created by Matt Rosen, co-founder of Splinterlands), which securely stores the keys needed to interact with your account. It is still possible to use old STEEM keychain extension, but you need to change the RPC node. Extract the zip file somewhere on your desktop or download folder. The location is not very important but desktop usually is easier. Embed enterprise-grade BI inside your custom applications. Wyn Enterprise is GrapeCity’s fully customizable, end-to-end BI solution.

How to Download, Install and Use the Hive Keychain Browser Extension

Yes, Hive Keychain has a mobile app for Android, iPad, and iPhone. Visualize data fast and make smarter business decisions with a real-time BI solution. When prompted, click Add extension to install Hive Keychain. If you’d rather enter each key manually, then enter either your Private Posting or your Private Active key BNB in this field. tries to automatically claim tokens before user has had a chance to add an account. When a site tries to use the extension, it just prints «Error» instead of asking to import keys… Keys from previous version of the extension are not imported automatically.

Save your passwords, add to Keychain

There may be more but I would like this first batch (around 25,000 Hive back for my own curations. I logged in using another option but will download hivechain later. The procedure to load the extension is the same for both Chrome and Brave. Just click load unpacked extension and select the folder you unzipped. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

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Currently there are several promotions for FREE accounts! Like LEOFINANCE.IO, which is another great project built on HIVE where users share information about Finances or Crypto tokens or technologies. To avoid high transaction fees completely and still make very fast transaction times, HIVE blockchain charges 3 HIVE to register a wallet, currently less than $3. A wallet has the bandwidth to do an amount of transactions limited to a pool of resource credits, which can be grown by staking additional HIVE to the wallet. The offline & original crx file for Hive Keychain v2.3.7 was archived from the Chrome Web Store . You could learn more about the Hive Keychain or choose a server to get the crx file.

I’d say one of my favorite parts of the Hive Keychain extension is the ability to login to Hive-based applications in under 10 seconds. When I imagine ease of use, this is exactly what comes to mind. You enter your username, click login and then you’re off to the races.

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This commit does not belong to any hive keychain extension on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License v3.0 or any later version. If you think this add-on violates Mozilla’s add-on policies or has security or privacy issues, please report these issues to Mozilla using this form.

Also, you can change the preferences in the keychain to a different node to work as Hive wallet I was instructed. The current code has now been pulled to master branch. If you want to use Keychain for Hive, you will need the updated version.

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Hive Keychain lets you handle all your Hive related operations from your mobile! Your keys are kept safe by a combination of encryption by pin code and biometrics . From the App, you can import your accounts via your private keys or QR code . You will then get access to your account main information such as VP, balances, Hive Engine tokens, delegations and transaction history.

Wyn provides advanced analytics, inter dashboards, and reports — in one unified platform. Wyn’s powerful reporting module is driven by the same ActiveReports engine, which has led the industry for 20+ years. Select the directory of with the unpacked Hive Keychain ZIP file from step 1. Now that your key are imported, you can see your Hive account in the browser extension. While there are options like Hivesigner that are good for certain tasks, Keychain provides a much more wide-ranging and speed-oriented approach in my opinion. For example, logging into many Hive dApps like the LeoDex is as easy as typing your username and clicking the login button.

Here, you can manually add your other private keys. I recommend having your posting key and active key in the extension so that you can easily login to applications and operate your wallet activities . When I try to link any of my accounts to my hive account eg. 3speak or, I enter the private key and click input and nothing happens. The same happens within the keychain extension, either it returns incorrect password/private key or just does nothing.

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