Masonjars Com: Historical Past Of Ball Mason Jars

25 mayo, 2023

Due to their collectability, vintage Kerr Mason jars can usually come with a hefty price tag. These jars had been originally produced by the Hermetic Fruit Jar Company, which was founded by Alexander Kerr in 1903. By examining the brand, looking for specific traits in the glass and lid design, and noticing any further embossing, you want to be capable of determine an approximate age for your Golden Mason jar. The jars can come in quite lots of sizes, and the scale and condition of the jar also can play a role of their worth. Other Mason jar brands like Kerr or Atlas may also be value cash if they are old enough, with cobalt blue jars usually fetching the very best prices. Mason jars can have lots of worth, depending on many factors like age, condition, and the sort of jar.

How do i know if my ball jars are valuable?

Most of the time that date embossed on the entrance of a jar has very little relation to its true age. Hazel-Atlas Glass Company was the corporate responsible for producing genuine Atlas mason jars. The firm was operational for over 60 years from 1902 to 1964 and produced the aforementioned glass jars throughout that point. These jars have been a few of their most significant productions at the time. Four years later, the brothers began manufacturing glass home-canning jars, the product that established Ball as a household title. Some Ball Perfect Mason jars are found with the number “13” on the bottom.

Look for phrases like these beneath that can assist determine the 12 months of your jar.

Assuming you’re a collector or an outdated canning fanatic, this guide will allow you to achieve you study extra about these previous cans. Additionally, additionally, you will learn how to worth them, among different related and useful ideas. Take a moment to frivolously run your fingers over the floor of the jar.

Your ball jars could be antiques!

Along with key features like emblem variations, textual content, and quantity embossments to keep a watch out for during your antique search. The jar with the older logos is in all probability going value a couple of with a newer emblem. Clear and Blue are the commonest colors and may easily be found at your native thrift or antique retailer.

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